Young Learners’ Camp (YLC)

Young Learners’ Camp (YLC) is an activity camp designed for children to enjoy learning outside the classroom. It is a five days camp, where the students are engaged in skill-building and interactive extra-curricular activities. The program is focused on aspects like leadership, team building, creativity, verbal communication, and written communication and non-academic talents.

"In these five days, I have seen my students enjoy every moment of Katha Buanun. I may not have spent the entire time in the session, I could see my students growing every day. When the students distributed cards to the facilitators to show their appreciation, I really saw the reflection of the bond they had made. I saw and understood how a different teaching style can bring a change in student’s behavior towards learning. I am really glad that we got to conduct this session for our students."
Shyam Shrestha
Vice Principal, Himalaya Boarding High School


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