Women Leadership During COVID-19

Women Leadership During COVID-19

On May 23, 2020, Canopy Nepal and Women Lead Nepal jointly organized a virtual discussion session on ‘Women Leadership during COVID-19’ using the Zoom Platform. This session intended to understand the role of women leaders on the overall scenario and in the academic contexts giving a clearer overview of the control of the COVID-19 and easing the transition post-COVID-19 scenarios. This session was attended by 25 participants from different field of knowledge and was largely held among the six speakers.

Giving their insights and opinions on the importance of women leadership in COVID-19 situation, Ms. Kabita Tamang, Program and Government Affairs Coordinator at Women LEAD Nepal presented how the transformational leadership skills, strong communication, and inclusive behavior were the major facts that gave the women leaders of countries like New Zealand, Taiwan and Germany the advantage of defending their nations successfully against COVID-19 thereby resulting in successful control of the situation. Particularly in education, Ms. Pransu Khakurel, Associate Program Manager at Canopy Nepal presented the capability of women coming out as emotional managers who can help students in managing trauma of the students during and post COVID-19 scenarios. Adding on to this, Ms. Shivani Rana, Program Manager at Canopy Nepal presented how many female celebrities like Malvika Subba and Luna Jha are working in creating content for the benefits of everyone giving the message that no one is alone in this crisis situation. To support this, Ms. Sudikshya Karki, Storyteller at Canopy Nepal also explained how female educational counselors are also providing their services in this time of need to enhance the mental health status of everyone and female educational leaders conducting customized classes as per the need of the students to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning activities. The representatives of Canopy Nepal also speculated how this crisis scenario can be a major factor in reducing female educational attainment and achievement mainly because of the societal impacts caused by the emphasis on care work, and different barriers created by the social norms and the fear. Apart from that, the societal barriers has also been a major drawback for women exercising leadership in the present context, said Suju Tilija Poon, Program Manager at Women LEAD Nepal who validates her opinions with the lower flexibility of the working hours and the arrangements of the networking sessions in this timeframe along with the discriminatory laws that prevail in the countries, where Ms. Rosha Shrestha, Program and Events Coordinator at Women LEAD Nepal added the self-doubt of women towards their potentials causing major barriers for reaching their full potential. The session ended with a common appeal of supporting women leadership from individual and household levels so as to make them more proactive in the act of development in the long run. 

About the Organizers

Canopy Nepal is a team of visionary youths working in the field of education, skill and leadership development, diversity, and inclusion. Canopy Nepal works in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve the targets of empowering the organizations’ beneficiaries with skills they need to bring about positive change in the community. Canopy Nepal aims at creating an environment where individuals have a choice to equip themselves with skills and abilities of lifetime importance. The organization intends to promote intercultural understanding among diverse groups by means of various programs.

Women LEAD is one of the first organizations in Nepal specifically focused on empowering adolescent girls to be leaders. With a vision of a better world where women leaders co-create the future, we run programs that have a multiplier effect that not only transforms the lives of our participants but also helps impact other young women in their schools and communities.

Note: The full discussion is now available on our Youtube channel.

Women Leadership During COVID-19

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