The New Student

Once there was a girl named Sofi. She was really nice and good at studies. She had changed her school recently, so she was new to the school environment. There were some girls who always tease and torture others. One day Sofi was walking when she suddenly collided with the main bully. Sofi said sorry but the bully was so angry.

 After that incident, she started torturing Sofi by calling names such as Ugly Duckling. Then she used snatch Sofi’s tiffin every day and used to give her a hard time by breaking her pen, pencils, tearing her copies and throwing her bag in the dustbin. Sometimes the bully gang also used to lock her in the toilet. These things made her weak in studies. She didn’t want to go to school anymore. She was not active in her school activities. She didn’t even take part in sports which was her favorite. Once she took part in skating. She was famous in her school for her skating skills. The bullies were also there, they pushed her making her lose the balance. Sofi fell very badly. While the teachers were approaching them, the bullies blackmailed Sofi. They warned her that they will beat her if she would complain about it to the teachers. She was fed up with all the drama so she took a stand for herself. The bullies came and hit her as they said. Some people saw that but didn’t do anything. But there was a girl who went up to the teachers and told everything about the bullies. After the incident, the bullies were restricted and Sofi was back to her normal life, good at her studies and sport. Now if Sofi saw anyone getting bullied she would say it to the teachers and the bullies would get punishment.

Moral: So we should not bully others and be brave.

Written By: Megan Sherpa (Baba School)

Edited By: Diya Barun (Canopy Nepal)

Megan Sherpa is a 6 grader student studying in Baba School. She is an ambivert who loves to sketch. She has a very creative mind and dreams of perceiving her career in art itself. She wants her talent to be recognized worldwide. Besides her interest in arts, she is also very fond of dancing. This was written after her session by Green Minds

Green Minds is a program led by Canopy Nepal for the self-development of people, their outlook on societal norms, the world and the problems faced in the minds of young children. It focuses on self-development to put in some improvements to improve the current situation.

The New Student

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