The Black Magic – Shuvadeep Pandey

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One day in the New Year of 3030, people were in a deep sleep. It was caused by a demon named Mysticasaur. The Mysticasaur was a dreadful mystical beast with a lion’s head, a dragon’s mouth, huge four wings, hands of demon, giant with the ability to prepare weapons automatically, dragon’s tail, and dinosaur’s legs. It had a body made up of rocks. The creature had the ability to do anything. It spread a kind of venom in the city of the brave fighter giant who was very friendly and good to people. People used to call him Bosomasaur as he was like a bosom friend to all. He was a great fighter. Nothing could do him anything. The venom didn’t do anything to him. Bosomsaur tried to cover the whole city to be safe from venom. But little potions of sleep venom spread in the city. Bosomsaur fought with Mysticasaur and defeated him and killed him. After 500 days, the sleep venom was over, people woke up. Since they all woke up from a deep sleep, they were all very hungry and thirsty. Bosomasaur provided them with food and drinks, They were again active and energetic.

In the city of Mysticasaur, there were all horrible and terrible jokers and clowns. When the jokers and clowns heard about the death of Mysticasaur, they were all very angry with Bosomsaur. They all thought of going to the city but only two of them went to Bosomasaur. They went to the city. There they replaced the buildings with circus tents by telling about the lack of circuses in the city to Bosomasaur. Other jokers also heard about the circuses in the city and came for the circus. But the jokers were not of the city of Mysticasaur. They were different cities.

The story of laughter began. The jokers and the clowns entertained the whole town. But the joker, Jack and the clown, Craze from the city of Mysticasaur had thought of a special plan. They had made a plan of spreading black magic in the whole town. One said, “ If we spread black magic in the whole town then no one can recognize us and wouldn’t know that we are responsible for this.”

Slowly black magic started spreading in the whole city and suddenly the city was turned into nights. Poor people could only shout and scream. They went to Bosomasaur for help.

Bosomasaur could see very clearly even in the dark. He escaped the city and went to the city of Mysticasaur. Before he went, he had promised his people that he would kill all the jokers from the city of Mysticasaur. Bosomasaur, as promised, killed all the bad people and jokers. Nobody was left to be killed After Jack and Craze heard about it, they were very furious and heavy-hearted for their friends. They went back to the city of Bosomasaur and fought with him. They wanted to kill Bosomasaur but ended up getting killed. The black magic was over as soon as Jack and Craze died. Bosomasaur also died because of a heart attack. People mourned his death. After that incident people lived happily without any problems.

Many years later, scientists had discovered the black hole and had invented a time machine. They thought of taking Bosomasaur with them but Bosomasaur was already dead. Then people came from the black hole and time machines. They went to their own place and found that Jack and Craze were alive again and the had used other’s hair, skeleton, and nails as their decoration. The people left them in their own place(another planet) and came to Earth while time had started here.

This story was written by Shuvadeep Pandey from Bhanubhakta Memorial School as the final story for Katha Bunaun V organized by Canopy Nepal in his school.

Written By: Shuvadeep Pandey

Facilitators: Vinayshree Kothari and Anjali Maharjan

The Black Magic – Shuvadeep Pandey

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