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Dipershan Nepali, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

The seeds of the coffee beans are plucked, fermented and washed properly, in this process the pulps are broken down and coffee beans are produced with a wonderful smell. Indicating its generation just by the amazing. Coffee making is an analogy to life. “Great process results in great result” I believe. Hello, and warm greetings […]

Subham Shrestha, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

I kick the ball with full strength and power. My friend misses the pass, I can feel the frustration and anger building on me. I see that my friend has managed to get the ball again and passes it on back to me. I aim for the goal post, without thinking about anything, I strike […]

Discovering Future of the Scholars

Canopy Nepal Scholarship Project organized ‘Discover Your Future’ for our scholars at Balkumari Basic School, Faika on January 28, 2020, and Janakalyan Secondary School, Mahankal on January 29, 2020 led by Ms. Isha Shrestha, the School Liaison Officer. In this program, the scholars got an opportunity to portray their hidden interest and passion while also […]

Hundred of Tears – Pragyashree Adhikari (Katha Bunaun V)

One boy named Siren was very injured and was fighting against death and life. His mother took him to the hospital. But there were many patients and as everything was destroyed, she didn’t have any money left. Siren’s mother cried for help. After a lot of effort, she didn’t get any help and sat down […]

Krishna Pandey, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

My hands dripping of cold sweat, the anxiety that has been rushing in me is making my breathing pattern shorter and shorter. My lower abdomen feels upset and I slowly walk towards my teacher who had the report of my hard work, my results for this term. When I reach in front of my teacher […]

Inspiring through Stories- Exploring Career Paths

On November 30, 2019, Canopy Nepal organized Understanding Education, a panel discussion, Inspiring Through Stories: Exploring Career Paths at King’s College, Babarmahal, Kathmandu intending to provide insights to the scholars on the career paths for the future. Inspiring through Stories, a mini version of Understanding Education that initiated with a primary motive to inspire youths […]

Hem Shankar Yadav, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-FESSHIP

Hem Shankar Yadav is a Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-FESSHIP who has recently completed his high school studies from National Integrated College with an interest inclined towards Medical Field. He is originally from Janakpur Sub Metropolitan City, Dhanusha. After his father’s death that took place when he was only eight years old,  he is survived by […]

Anshu Chaudhary, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

Anshu Chaudhary, a former EIC participant, is Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar studying in Grade 8 at Kanti Ishwori Rajya Laxmi Secondary School, Pyaphal, Kathmandu. She is a highly diligent and disciplined student and is always eager and curious towards learning new things. She has been a part of the scholarship program since 2017 after impressing […]

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