Sushant Shahi, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-FESSHIP

Sushant Shahi is the youngest Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar – FESSHIP currently studying in class 10 at Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School. Originally from Mugu, he is very passionate about football and aspires to be a football player in the future. His father and mother got separated due to some problems and both got remarried. The separation deprived him from the support of his parents or any of his family members until recently with his uncle supporting him to a very minimal extent. After his parents got separated, he was bought to the orphanage called Dalit Mahila Uthan Kendra at a very small age with barely any remembrance on the memories he had at Orphanage.

“In class 6, I left the orphanage,” says Sushant remembering how he was linked with Bhim and Ainsley before leaving the orphanage, who took care of him and were his only support system for a year. After some time, in July 2018, he was introduced to Canopy Nepal “It’s been a year and more since he has been a part of Canopy Nepal. Canopy Nepal is a place where he is getting support and guidance. He is satisfied and blessed with the help and support of Canopy Nepal. Canopy Nepal is giving everything which is necessary to sustain me as a student and as a person.”  Sushant recalls the difference in the support provided by Bhim with the support provided after the institutional overtaking of the program by Canopy Nepal. Along with the support he has already been getting, he has been getting guidance, training, workshops and has been getting assistance in the stationeries, the regular tuition and hostel fees and many more, which as he said has made his life easier and has inspired him to be a better person in future. The training/workshop has been helping him build his confidence directly or indirectly to make him self reliant. 

He finds himself lucky to have been getting this scholarship. He realizes that there are still many people who were like him, in the same race, but remained unrecognized. His scholarship has not only given him materialistic support but has also been giving him adequate attention thus giving him enough support. Though he doesn’t recall much from childhood, however,  now as he is grown up he feels to be well-groomed by the assistance provided by the scholarship program and thinks Canopy Nepal as his friend who he can entrust, whenever needed. For him, Canopy Nepal is his 2nd home who looks after him to lead for a better future. His support is not just limited with the helping hand provided by Canopy Nepal but also his school teachers, especially Arjun Sir, School co-ordinator and the entire team of FONAI motivating him to prove his worth and his potentials for making his supporters proud in the days to come. 

“Canopy Nepal has changed my life. I have been trying my best to get good results so that I can make both my family and Canopy happy. I believe that Canopy Nepal will support me in the future in my studies and to be a better person so that I become a very successful person. My interest is in football and in the future, I want to become a football player” says Sushant Shahi smiling looking very satisfied with the contribution of the Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholarship – FESSHIP Program.

*Based on the consented conversation between Sushant Shahi and Anjali Maharjan, Program Assistant, FESSHIP

Written By: Anjali Maharjan

Edited By: Pransu Khakurel and Deekshak Bhattarai

Sushant Shahi, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-FESSHIP

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