Subham Shrestha, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

I kick the ball with full strength and power. My friend misses the pass, I can feel the frustration and anger building on me. I see that my friend has managed to get the ball again and passes it on back to me. I aim for the goal post, without thinking about anything, I strike for it. The ball rolls with full power toward the goal post and enters the post. With that, it is a goal and my team wins the game. Even though this football game was with my friends in the nearest open space from my home, it felt great. I acknowledge the passion one has whether it is big or small determination is all that matters.

Warm greeting everyone, I am Subham Shrestha from Kanti Ishwori Rajya Laxmi Secondary School. I study in grade six. I have a cheerful and friendly personality. My interest not only limits football but I am also curious about my studies. My favorite subject is Nepali, I love how I can relate to all the poems, stories and plays from my Nepali coursebook. I also realize that I need to work on Science as I find it difficult to understand. I have also actively participated in Katha Bunaun: Photo Edition programs organized by Canopy Nepal.

The inspiration of my life is Cristiano Ronald, I not only adore his football skills but also love his dedication and determination. His success story always inspires me to start from small and end up big. I am very grateful for everything I have got from my family, friends and most especially CANSHIP. I promise to utilize all the needs and resources I have got till now. Even though I sometimes lose track, I always remind myself to get back. 

I am just thirteen and I have already realized thirteen reasons why I need to achieve my dreams, thirteen reasons why I need to be determined and thirteen reasons why I should be grateful. In the upcoming years, I will realize and develop more reasons not limiting to thirteen. I look forward to my future positively.

*Based on the consented conversation with Subham Shrestha.

Written By: Sudikshya Karki

Passionate about building a bond with the children and learning life lessons from them, Sudikshya Karki, the Storyteller at Canopy Nepal has been telling amazing stories of our scholars. Along with using her skills of comprehending and usage of amazing anecdotes as a Storyteller at Canopy Nepal, she is also undertaking her IBDP studies at Ullens School.

Subham Shrestha, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

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