Sajiya Khatun- Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar, CANSHIP

As they say, fly high and shine like a star. I want to fly high, touch all my highs and also touch the ground smoothly realizing my downs. Noting all my mistakes and looking forward to all my achievements I want to have a smooth journey without any turbulence throughout my journey.

Greetings everyone, I am a twelve-year-old student Sajiya Khatun. I study in grade 7 at Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School. I am determined towards my studies and future. My favorite subject is Mathematics because of my better conceptual understanding and constant practice I understand Maths and all the topics related to it. However, I do have a less conceptual understanding of Science which I definitely need to improve and focus more on.

I also try to maintain a balance between my school and all the extracurricular activities. I actively participate in the different school activities and also been a part of Katha Bunaun: photo edition recently. All the activities have given me a whole experience with many learnings to reflect on in the future. Moreover, I not only limit myself in these activities but also express myself in the form of art, I like to draw and recreate different moments. I also am very fond of cycling. I believe that life is like a cycle and if there is no perfect balance then there is no such perfect ride. The tires of a cycle are like the life of humans, for a beautiful journey should never stop and move slowly. 

My aim in life is to be a pilot. I love the beauty of the sky and like to fly high like a bird freely. I never had any specific reason as to why I wanted to become a pilot, but the feeling of flying in the sky was definitely one. I know my dream is big and the become one requires much hard work and determination. I will always look forward to my future and will always prioritize my studies before anything. I am also equally thankful to my family and CANOPY for providing me with such good facilities. CANOPY has always been my support system, it not only focuses on my personal well being but always emphasizes on my social well being.

I promise to work hard and pay off. My journey will be filled with wonderful memories like the smooth blue sky, it will also have some bumpy clouds which might drop me down but I will always spread my wings and will rise above the clouds happily. 

*Based on consented conversation with our storyteller Ms. Sudikshya Karki.

Sajiya Khatun- Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar, CANSHIP

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