Learners’ Hub: English Improvement Classes

EIC is a multifaceted program that targets promoting personalized learning, interactive classrooms, reducing students’ hostility towards reading and writing. It targets on advancing their skills and making them independent learners.

Learners’ Hub: Katha Bunaun

KATHA BUNAUN is a five days workshop that aims to enhance multifarious skills of story writing and storytelling. The program allows the students to see the importance of exploring their creativity and printing their imagination on paper through interactive activities.

Learners’ Hub: Lekhaun

LEKHAUN is a four days interactive academic writing workshop that focuses on improving the writing skills, interpersonal skills, reading and critical thinking of the young learners. It also guides the students to make their writing coherence and cohesive. 

Young Learners' Camp (YLC) - A School Camp

YOUNG LEARNERS’ CAMP is an activity camp designed for children to enjoy learning outside the classroom. The five days program is focused on aspects like leadership, team building, verbal and written communication and non-academic talents through skill-building and interactive extra-curricular activities.

Katha Bunaun Participants

Understanding Education: Panel Discussion Series​

UNDERSTANDING EDUCATION is a series of panel discussions which holds constructive dialogue on education and its relevant aspects. It is designed to generate healthy discussions and raise thought-provoking questions to build new perspectives to look at education. The relevant discussions are also incorporated into our program curriculum.

Canopy Nepal Scholarship Program (CANSHIP)

CANSHIP is a scholarship program which supports underprivileged and marginalized students. The scholars are funded for their school supplies, uniforms, tuition fees, tiffins alongside necessary social support and various workshops to help them grow into responsible adults.

Anjali baacha

Friends of Nepal-Adelaide Inc (FONAI) Education Scholarship (FESSHIP)

FESSHIP is a scholarship program which targets aspiring students from underprivileged backgrounds pursuing higher education and provides them support in covering for their tuition, stationery, accommodation, and basic allowances; working parallelly for skills and expertise development through workshops and trainings.

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