Prachanda Bishwokarma, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholars-FESSHIP

Prachanda Bishowkarma is a Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar – FESSHIP who is recently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications at Advance College of Engineering and Management. He is originally from Pyuthan which is located in the Mid Western Region of Nepal. Prachanda’s family’s financial status is unstable as his mother, who is an ulcer patient, is the only breadwinner in the family whereas his father has mental health-related concerns. The family income is largely spent on buying medicines. After completing his schooling back in the village, he came to Kathmandu.

Prachanda and his family faced financial crises and issues to continue his further education. Later, he was recommended to talk to Friends of Nepal Adelaide Inc. (FONAI), a group of social workers from Adelaide, Australia about his problems and current situation. With FONAI agreeing to support him for his living and education, Prachanda was enrolled in National Integrated College for his high school studies with a focal person who was based in Nepal under the scholarship provided by FONAI. Prachanda has embraced +2 with great enthusiasm & has shown key interests in sports like volleyball, football, and cricket.

Prachanda is grateful to FESSHIP program and shares his experience as a  FESSHIP scholar by stating “So talking about my journey towards Canopy and FONAI, it has always been exciting and happy. I am so blessed to be a part of these organizations as a FESSHIP scholar. FESSHIP has helped me to continue my high school level studies and has made a huge positive impact on my life as they organize various skill-based workshops and training sessions for us that includes, Email Etiquette, Basic First Aid Training, Internet of Things (IoT) & Networking, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Skills which has helped us to have the knowledge, ideas, and motivation in the coming days. I am thankful to each and everyone for helping me and making my dream come true and turning them into reality. I promise you all that I will try to make you proud of me. Thank you so much Canopy and FONAI to give me such an opportunity”.

Prachanda Bishwokarma, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholars-FESSHIP

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