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Learners’ Hub is a program that emphasizes the implementation of interactive learning aiming to mold students into independent learners by equipping them with soft skills that are essential to make self-sustaining informed decisions. The program creates a smooth learning environment for facilitators and learners where both parties can explore their creativity, skills and grow past their potential.


  • Enhance the soft skills of young learners of public, community, and private schools through co-curricular workshops on story writing, academic writing, reflective writing, and explore creativity and self-expression for all students. 
  • Empower young learners and youths through leadership training, workshops, and by encouraging student-run initiatives.
  • Create a platform for youths to get involved in promoting quality education as club members, tutors, trainers, storytellers, and facilitators.
  •  Provide hands-on experience to teachers on the effective use of curriculum, prioritization of local resources in classrooms, and creation of safe and inclusive learning space for all students through teacher training, workshops, and discussions with stakeholders involved in the field of education.
  • Advocate for inclusion in all parts of work and engaging minority and marginalized groups in the field of education without any discrimination.
  • Connect students from different backgrounds locally and globally

Primary Focus Area

Secondary Focus Area 

Tertiary Focus Area

1. Interactive Learning

2. Co-Curricular Programs

3. Club Formation

4. Teacher Training

1. Hands-on Learning

2. Support SDG Goals

3. Collaborate with Local Bodies

4. Skill Enhancement

1. Community Building

2. Themed Sessions

3. Equality and Equity

Young Learners’ Oriented Program 

(EIC, Katha Bunaun, Lekhaun, and Young Learners’ Camp)


Age: 10 – 16 years old 


Inside and outside Kathmandu Valley


Language and Literature

School Level

Secondary- Higher Secondary

Teachers’ Oriented Program



Inside and outside Kathmandu Valley


Learning new techniques to teach;

Desires to help students learn more;

School Level

Primary – Higher Secondary

Besides these, the program considers enthusiastic youths and teachers as a secondary target group. 

Learners’ Hub’s values are embedded within the process of implementing the workshops, programs and their outputs. It is defined by the values offered to partners, stakeholders and everyone the team works with including schools, students, teachers, parents and facilitators. 

  • Teacher-Student Ratio: Each session consists of a 1:10 tutor-student ratio. 
  • Interactive learning: Each theoretical activity follows up with a hands-on session where their learning must be implemented.
  • Facilitator Training: Learners’ Hub provides 3-days long facilitation training to its Facilitators, to help them understand child psychology, classroom setup and  methods to conduct smooth sessions.
  • Inclusion: The programs ensures a safe environment for all learners from different backgrounds under one roof. By incorporating themes such as gender equality, social injustice, global affairs, current affairs, and discrimination the sessions represent people from all backgrounds. 
  • Protect Child Right: Each stalkholder of Learners’ Hub sings the Canopy Child Protection Policy (CCPP) that  protects and respects children’s constitutional rights such as confidentiality, consent and protection.
  • Collaboration: The programs provide an avenue for individuals, institutions, organizations and governmental bodies to collaborate to ensure positive change in the education system of Nepal. 
  • Magazine: “Buneka Katha” – Students’ Magazine showcases the talents of our young learners from all the programs.
  • Transparency: We compile reports of daily activities, budget utilization and feedback from students. They includes qualitative and quantitative data of the learners such as case study of participants, progress graph (if any) and testimonials from learners and facilitators.
  • Updating Manuals: Learners’ Hub updates all the manuals periodically. The process of compiling manuals includes experimenting, taking suggestions from facilitators, partner organization and so on to fit the relevant topics and meet the needs of schools, making it more powerful by every refinement.
  • Need Assessment:Pre evaluation conducted before each session allows the team to understand the level of students and teachers. This allows us to customize the session to fit their needs.
  • Internship: Learners’ Hub is always welcoming new and enthusiastic youths to join us and move forward towards bettering the education system and delivery of Nepal. We broadly work with youths in two major ways; facilitation and storytelling
    • Facilitator: As a facilitator, they will be facilitating class inside and outside the valley, meet and work with like-minded individuals, create their own network, develop empathetic understanding towards others, and aid on our mission.
    • Story Teller: As a Storyteller, youths will be enhancing their writing skills while allowing them to face the reality of the Nepali education system. 
  • Canopy Club:  The club provides a platform for the learners to explore themselves to work in a team, gain leadership skills, effective communication, and develop life long skills that will help them in their school and in their professional life.



Students Reached
Leaders Trained
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Teachers Trained


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