Krishna Pandey, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

My hands dripping of cold sweat, the anxiety that has been rushing in me is making my breathing pattern shorter and shorter. My lower abdomen feels upset and I slowly walk towards my teacher who had the report of my hard work, my results for this term. When I reach in front of my teacher she looks up to me with a smile and says ‘’Good job Krishna, you have again succeeded to maintain your position, your hard work and dedication has paid off my dear, you have achieved the first position.’’ After hearing this I could feel my jaws clenching and forming a smile and my body starting to relax. This smile was not the usual ones but the one after a triumph, the achievement of my long determination.

Hello everyone, I am a thirteen-year-old, grade eight student, Krishna Pandey. Yes, the above paragraph is a short glimpse of one of my most cherished moments. I live in Basantapur with my family. With my dedication and love for my studies, I have always managed to ace my classes. My favorite subjects are English and Social Studies. However, I do face a bit of a problem in Mathematics. As it is said behind every choice there is a story. I have always dreamed to become a Lawyer or an Environmentalist. These dreams were built after some situations that I have observed and faced. I have seen many innocent people struggle in their life, where they have been mistreated. I want to take a step for those people and fight for their justice and right. To provide everyone their rights and justice has always been my aspiration.

 Whenever I see waste being thrown and not being disposed off properly or when I go for a walk around my locality and see plastic and rubber being burned, it aches my heart. So I decided to start cleaning my home area and limiting the use of plastic, this change has been appreciated by my family. Also, they have now started helping me. I have also been talking about this to my friends and teachers which has positively impacted my school and locality.

I am grateful for what I have turned out to be, all the credit goes to my supportive family and Canopy Nepal. It has been a year since I was considered as a scholar in CANSHIP. Since then they have not only provided me with school supplies and educationally relevant needs but have also focused on my overall well being. I have also been part of Canopy’s interactive learning programs and other workshops conducted by them which have definitely been beneficial.

I believe in the power of self-belief and confidence. with this motto of my life, I will always move forward to achieve my dreams and goals. With a persistent determination, I will always strive for the best.

*Based on a consented conversation with Krishna Pandey.

Written By: Sudikshya Karki

Passionate about building a bond with the children and learning life lessons from them, Sudikshya Karki, the Storyteller at Canopy Nepal has been telling amazing stories of our scholars. Along with using her skills of comprehending and usage of amazing anecdotes as a Storyteller at Canopy Nepal, she is also undertaking her IBDP studies at Ullens School.

Krishna Pandey, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

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