Katha Bunaun

It is a week-long story writing and story presentation workshop. Through this program, young learners grasp new and fun ways to improve core reading, writing, critical and creative thinking skills through storytelling. Katha Bunaun is a unique program where we conduct different activities to teach students various aspects of stories such as character building, the introduction of conflict, resolving conflicts, genres of stories, writing a conclusion and so on.

Number of Days/ Session

6 Days

Number of Hours/ Day

3 Hours

Number of Students/ Session

15 – 20 Students 

Number of Facilitators / Session

1 Facilitator + 1 Action Learner


Day 1

The Katha Bunaun team meets the students and assesses the students on their story writing and story presenting skills. Each student is assessed by multiple facilitators to avoid bias results and increase validity.

Day 2

The second day is all about connecting with young learners and briefing them about the story writing process. At the end of the day, learners will also write their first draft of the story and receive feedback from the facilitators.

Day 3

The team conducts activities to enhance learners’ creativity and show important aspects of stories such as character descriptions and developing conflicts. Learners then refine their story draft with the things they learn. 

Day 4

On the fourth day, facilitators focus on enhancing the presentation styles of students and working together with learners to create the final version of their stories. 

Day 5

Learners and facilitators indulge in each learners’ presentation. Learners use props, monologues, acting and their fellow learners to showcase their stories in the best possible way. 

Day 6

The last day is always filled with proud smiles and teary eyes. Learners, facilitators and the teachers from school read stories of students and also enjoy some of the best story presentations. We also announce the best story writer and story presenter on the last day. 

Character Description



Self Expression



Creative Thinking

Story Arc

Plot Line

Overall Story

"In these five days, I have seen my students enjoy every moment of Katha Buanun. I may not have spent the entire time in the session, I could see my students growing every day. When the students distributed cards to the facilitators to show their appreciation, I really saw the reflection of the bond they had made. I saw and understood how a different teaching style can bring a change in student’s behavior towards learning. I am really glad that we got to conduct this session for our students."​
Shyam Shrestha
Vice Principal, Himalaya Boarding High School


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