Katha Bunaun with Bloom Nepal School

Canopy Nepal and Bloom Nepal School have been partners through our scholarship programs for years now. During the lockdown, we extended our partnership through Learners’ Hub as well. As our vision to create a society where every child has access to quality education aligns perfectly, we started conducting multiple sessions with the young learners of the school. We conducted our first session in early August for the primary level students. 

Our latest collaboration with Bloom Nepal School was on August 30-31, 2020. We conducted Learners’ Hub: Katha Bunaun online session with the students of grade 8 for 20 students by our amazing facilitator Ms. Bandana Adhikary. During the session, the young minds extracted their imagination and printed it on paper. With all the learners’ minds filled with mystical characters, plotlines, cliffhangers and climaxes, the session was extremely interactive. On the last day of the session, the learners were able to write well-structured stories implementing all the techniques they learned.

“As we went further in the session, the more the learners learned from me and I learned equally a lot, if not more, from them. Their enthusiasm and curiosity to learn and share inspired me!”, said their facilitator, Ms. Bandana.  

Since the very beginning, from arranging the classes to making sure they run smoothly, the entire Bloom Nepal Team (Mr. Binod Karki, Mr. Chamling Bikas, Mr. Chandan Mishra, Mr. Ram K Rijal and Mr. Santosh Chaudary) has been helping us continuously. We would not have been able to conduct such smoothly run sessions without your support so thank you very much!

This Katha Bunaun session was the second session that we did with Bloom Nepal School and the entire team is looking forward to conducting more sessions with the students!

Katha Bunaun with Bloom Nepal School

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