Hundred of Tears – Pragyashree Adhikari (Katha Bunaun V)

One boy named Siren was very injured and was fighting against death and life. His mother took him to the hospital. But there were many patients and as everything was destroyed, she didn’t have any money left. Siren’s mother cried for help. After a lot of effort, she didn’t get any help and sat down tired to think of how this began.

er. They had everything they wanted; money, happiness, and most importantly, they had each other.

A child named Siren was playing in the backyard with his pomeranian puppy, who was his dearest one. His mom, John who was in the kitchen called him out for lunch. John loved cooking and usually spent her time in the kitchen. “ Come fast, Siren I have to go to work,” said mom.

Siren went inside dipped in the mud with the puppy in his hand. Mother scolds Siren. At the same time, Father arrives and stops John. “Papa Henry,” says Siren. Siren climbs at Henry’s back and says, “ My tall papa, you are my superhero, ( and you always save me from mummy devil),” he whispered, catching his father’s brown hair.

Days and days passed with fun and naughtiness. One night, suddenly, everyone heard a blast. Henry went to check what had happened. “ Be careful,” said John.

They thought was nothing and went to sleep while Henry was out. After many hours, Henry was still not back, John decided to go out to check on him. To her amazement, she saw Henry lying on the ground covered with blood. “HENRY,” John screamed in terror. Siren came running, “ What happened!?” he said. Siren was shocked to see. He tried to wake his dad up but Henry didn’t.

The police immediately arrived at the house. John and the police checked the backyard where it must have happened. At the same time, the puppy came out showed that there was a bullet shot on the wall. They now knew that it was a murder. The investigation took place and they got to know Henry was killed by his own brother, who wanted his property.

Henry’s brother’s name was Harry. He was healthy and was younger than Henry. But was very greedy. When John came to know that Henry was murdered by Harry, she was expectedly angry. She then went to Harry to make sure if everything the investigators told was right. As she stepped out of the house a big blast BOOM!!! Was heard from her house. There was a bomb in her house that exploded. For a while, she couldn’t think of anything. She hurried into the house and searched for Siren. She searched everywhere. At last, she found Siren lying down in the bathroom, which was not much affected by the blast. She carried Siren and ran for help.

“HELP! HELP!,” she cried. When the neighbors heard they called for an ambulance. She hurried and jumped into the ambulance with her son.

In the hospital, they finally found a spare room where they could operate Siren. Hours passed and the doors never opened. John was pacing around the room, anxiously and crying for her husband and her son. 

One nurse finally came out and said, “ I am sorry.” This was the moment when she breaks down with all her feelings and fell down to cry.  

This story was written by Pragyashree Adhikari as her final story for Katha Bunaun V organized at Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School. Pragyashree is also the recipient of the Best Presenter award in the program.

For the details of the program please check out this video:

Author: Pragyashree Adhikari (Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School)

Facilitator: Monal Bhattarai and Shanskar Shrestha

Hundred of Tears – Pragyashree Adhikari (Katha Bunaun V)

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