Facilitating the Anti Bullying Session- Diya Barun Shrestha

Green Minds after the session at South Point Boarding School

As people say what consumes one’s mind controls their life. In order to live a happy life, one should have a positive perspective and mind-set since a child. Therefore, to help present youth to acquire the positive self-image Canopy Nepal introduced ‘Green Minds’ as its seventh program. Green Minds is a program for the self-development of people, their outlook on societal norms, the world and the problems faced in the minds of young children. It focuses on self-development to put in some improvements to improve the current situation. Till date, Green Minds has conducted 7 sessions based on the topic of  Anti-Bullying and has been working in conducting different sessions that will help the students to have knowledge about the present situation on the environmental crisis, health, and sanitation. 

Introducing the Anti-Bullying Session, ‘Green Minds’ Program has already facilitated 700 students from different public and private schools so far. The program revolves around the issue of Bullying which is a very common topic among students from primary schools to high schools and the most important issue that needs to be highlighted. So this session was initiated giving due focus to the concept of 3As: Awaring, Achieving and Awarding. It was really overwhelming to see the students who welcomed us with a warm smile and with lots of curiosity. 

Personally I was more than glad to facilitate the students. The students of all schools had the same amount of eagerness within them. Anti-Bullying is a topic that should be discussed mandatorily as there are many issues raised due to the bullying. The students knew how bullying is a serious problem among them. They wanted to fight against the bullies but didn’t know-how. They were delighted to learn about what bullying is, its types, why the bullies bully and how the bullies bully in a specific way. We could see sparks in each individual’s eyes in every new topic we were discussing All the students took keen interest and actively participated in every activity included in our session. We the facilitators were very happy when the students shared their views and ideas about the topic which led us to conduct the session easily. According to the students, they got a platform to share their experiences and feelings. We also let the students take a few oaths so that they could be self-aware and encourage themselves plus others as well. The oath-taking is for the students to take a stand against the inappropriate things. Concluding, as mentioned earlier Green Minds is also in a process of initiating sessions based on climate change, mental health issues in young minds, and menstrual myths and hygiene which we are looking forward to. 

Author: Diya Barun Shrestha (Facilitator, Green Minds, Canopy Nepal)

Diya Barun Shrestha is an intern and a facilitator at Green Minds, Canopy Nepal and is doing her undergraduate studies at St. Xaviers’ College, Maitighar, Kathmandu.

Facilitating the Anti Bullying Session- Diya Barun Shrestha

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