Learners’ Hub: EIC is a month-long intensive program aimed to enhance multifaceted skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, creative thinking and critical thinking while strengthening their overall learning abilities so that they are able to transform everyday knowledge into lifelong learning.

Number of weeks/ Session

4 weeks

Number of Hours/ Day

1.5 Hours

Number of Students/ Session

15 – 20 Students 

Number of Facilitators / Session

1 Facilitator + 1 Action Learner


Week 1

The EIC session begins with facilitators and students building rapport. With interactive and fun icebreaker games, facilitators break the wall of awkwardness between them and the learners. 

Week 2

The second week focuses on enhancing learners’ more important skills. Learners’ Hub facilitators plan for each day to challenge the learners that motivate them to work harder. 

Week 3

While still focusing on skills that learners need the most help with (evaluated through pre-evaluation), the third week pushes learners to newer focus areas. Some skills that facilitators focus on are self-expression, confidence and teamwork.

Week 4

In the last week, we want the facilitators to have fun but also conduct the post-evaluation session for the month without letting learners know that they are being evaluated. This week allows us to truly understand our learners’ growth and plan for upcoming sessions. 

Meta-Cognitive Awareness



Sentence Structure

Self Expression


Critical Analysis


"EIC is a learning opportunity for me. I never thought I’d be able to make sentences and enjoy speaking in English. This is an amazing experience. Diksha Ma’am has been very kind and helped me in every possible way. She is very honest, intelligent and discipline. I am learning English but apart from that ma’am is teaching me how to dance. I have always loved dancing and wanted someone to guide me. We study but also have fun during our classes. I hope I’ll be able to speak English properly one day. I would like to thank Canopy Nepal for conducting EIC classes and giving me this opportunity."
Sarip Dotel
Shree Shanti Vidya Ghria School


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