Discovering Future of the Scholars

Canopy Nepal Scholarship Project organized ‘Discover Your Future’ for our scholars at Balkumari Basic School, Faika on January 28, 2020, and Janakalyan Secondary School, Mahankal on January 29, 2020 led by Ms. Isha Shrestha, the School Liaison Officer. In this program, the scholars got an opportunity to portray their hidden interest and passion while also helping them identify their future paths along with giving them an insight on the challenges that can be potentially faced by them in this process.

In this process, every scholar presented their ambitions in a pictorial manner, which not only allowed them to identify their ambition which is largely driven by their passions, interest, and influences while also helping them explore their creative side. Our scholars really found it productive and impactful and are planning to utilize this learning throughout their lives.

Discovering Future of the Scholars

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