Dipershan Nepali, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

The seeds of the coffee beans are plucked, fermented and washed properly, in this process the pulps are broken down and coffee beans are produced with a wonderful smell. Indicating its generation just by the amazing. Coffee making is an analogy to life. “Great process results in great result” I believe.

Hello, and warm greetings everyone, I am Dipershan Nepali. Currently, studying at Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School in grade 8. I am sixteen years old and I live in a family of four, my father, mother, sister and me. As being the eldest child of the family, I try my best to be responsible and independent. I love to help my mother with the household chores. I guide my sister with her studies and take care of her.

Similarly, I am also piqued about my studies. My favorite subject is Nepali as it is our native language and I can relate to all the stories, poems, and plays from my textbook. I have a good conceptual understanding of Nepal, more than a subject, it is a strong feeling that I have. Although I do struggle in understanding science and maths. I have realized that I need to invest more time and effort into these subjects. Therefore, for this reason, I am taking tuition classes organized by CANSHIP.

For my future, I strive to be a barista. Making coffee, a bit bitter followed by the sweet taste of the sugar syrup. This is another definition of what life is, you need to struggle through your hard bitter times to get to your destination, your sweet result. I intend to study Hotel Management and work in the human service sector. I want to make coffee that makes people’s day and provide energy to work.

Similarly, the coffee that gives me the energy to work and move forward is CANSHIP. It has certainly provided me with all the essentials to study and work hard. CANSHIP has not only provided me with materialistic needs but has always shown its interest in my overall well being. I am very grateful to CANSHIP and my family for supporting and helping me throughout my journey. I joined CANSHIP a year before and feel lucky. 

My journey from last year has been somewhat like the processing of a coffee, nurtured well by my family, plucked and fermented by CANSHIP, now I have to prove that I am as good as an instant coffee which lasts longer with its shine and smell forever.

*Based on the consented interview with Ms. Sudikshya Karki, Storyteller at CANSHIP.

Dipershan Nepali, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

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