The New Student

Once there was a girl named Sofi. She was really nice and good at studies. She had changed her school recently, so she was new to the school environment. There were some girls who always tease and torture others. One day Sofi was walking when she suddenly collided with the main bully. Sofi said sorry […]

Hundred of Tears – Pragyashree Adhikari (Katha Bunaun V)

One boy named Siren was very injured and was fighting against death and life. His mother took him to the hospital. But there were many patients and as everything was destroyed, she didn’t have any money left. Siren’s mother cried for help. After a lot of effort, she didn’t get any help and sat down […]

The Black Magic – Shuvadeep Pandey

One day in the New Year of 3030, people were in a deep sleep. It was caused by a demon named Mysticasaur. The Mysticasaur was a dreadful mystical beast with a lion’s head, a dragon’s mouth, huge four wings, hands of demon, giant with the ability to prepare weapons automatically, dragon’s tail, and dinosaur’s legs. […]

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