CANSHIP is an educational scholarship program that ensures educational accessibility to underprivileged children of 6-18 years by fulfilling their basic necessities as well as providing them with necessary psycho-social support. The enthused students who are willing to learn but are not able to afford it are supported with tuition fees, uniforms, stationery supplies, tiffin expenses, healthy meals, and other educational necessities. Furthermore, the program also includes the provision of skill development workshops, training, and mentorship for students to develop them into independent individuals. All of this is made possible by working hand in hand with the school administration, teachers, and parents. CANSHIP is run in partnership with the Nepali Children’s Education Project (NCEP) Canada. 


The Nepali Children’s Education Project (NCEP) is a Nepali-Canadian partnership that is founded on the belief that education is the key to empowering children, families, and communities living in poverty to pursue a brighter future. NCEP accomplishes this through comprehensive scholarships for children in need that go beyond just textbooks and admission fees. Their aim is to create a full support network by recruiting and developing young leaders in Nepal.


1Advanced English Boarding SchoolHandigaun
2Bloom Nepal SchoolSankhadevi
3Canvas International CollegeBasundhara
4College of Central StateSoaltemode
5Durbar High SchoolPradarshani Marg
6Guheshwari Boarding High SchoolBansbari
7Ganodaya English SchoolBansbari
8Purna Chandi SchoolPatan
9Rhedon Public SchoolSamakhusi
10Shanti Nikunja SchoolMaru Tole, Basantapur
11Shree Balkumari Basic SchoolRamhiti
12Shree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi SchoolPyaphal, Basantapur
13Shree Janakalyan Higher Secondary SchoolRamhiti
14Shree Shitala Higher Secondary SchoolBoharatar

S.N.NameSchoolCurrent GradeGender
1Tripti CenturyBloom Nepal School10F
2Sarmila PariyarCanvas International College11F
3Rabin ShahiCollege of Central State11M
4Bhagbati TimalsinaDurbar High School11F
5Laxmi NepalDurbar High School10F
6Jeet Kumari KhatriDurbar High School9F
7Pramila BKDurbar High School10F
8Devaki PoudelDurbar High School6F
9Shalini RaiDurbar High School10F
10Bebisha TamangDurbar High School4F
11Sohan MaharjanDurbar High School5M
12Susmita PoudelDurbar High School3F
13Dipak RaiDurbar High School8M
14Roma PahariDurbar High School9F
15Sarita GurungGuheshwari Boarding High School11F
16Binu TamangGuheshwari Boarding High School11F
17Rupesh BudathokiShanti Nikunja School8M
18Bijay RoyShanti Nikunja School10M
19Sonam TamangShanti Nikunja School10M
20Menuka RaiShanti Nikunja School10F
21Arjun BKShanti Nikunja School9M
22Shanti TamangShanti Nikunja School7F
23Sudeep MaharajanShanti Nikunja School7M
24Roshan ShresthaShanti Nikunja School8M
25Mukunda CenturyShanti Nikunja School8M
26Manoj SiwakotiShanti Nikunja School9M
27Bandana Kumari ShahShanti Nikunja School9F
28Sangita BolakheShanti Nikunja School8F
29Esuda RaiShree Balkumari Basic School7F
30Yadav ShresthaShree Balkumari Basic School4M
31Bijay GatrajShree Balkumari Basic School4M
32Umesh MagarShree Balkumari Basic School5M
33Niraj BKShree Balkumari Basic School7M
34Sujan ThokarShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School10M
35Neha RauniyarShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School9F
36Anshu ChaudhariShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School9F
37Sajiya KhatunShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School8F
38Anshu ChaulagainShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School8F
39Shubham ShresthaShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School7F
40Shankar GautamShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School6M
41Kabita BramasharaShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School9F
42Diparsan NepaliShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School9F
43Krishna PandeyShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School9M
44Ashish RauniyarShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School10M
45Rahul TamangShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School7M
46Sushma PuriShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School4F
47Shanti ThapaShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School8F
48Bhumika PoudelShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School9F
49Khusi ShahShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School5F
50Ayusha RaiShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School6F
51Bipana ShresthaShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School12F
52Smriti (Parbati) Burja MagarShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School9F
53Krishna ShresthaShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School10M
54Kanchan RaiShree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School10F
55Suniva ShresthaShree Shitala Higher Secondary School12F
56Sujata Thapa MagarShree Shitala Higher Secondary School12F
57Bipana TimilsinaShree Shitala Higher Secondary School12F
58Laxmi ShresthaShree Shitala Higher Secondary School12F
59Anisha BhandariShree Shitala Higher Secondary School12F
60Sunita GurungShree Shitala Higher Secondary School10F
61Rajkumar BohoraShree Shitala Higher Secondary School10M
62Gautam RaiShree Shitala Higher Secondary School8M
63Tripti GautamShree Shitala Higher Secondary School3F
64Saugat OliShree Shitala Higher Secondary School3M
65Laxmi TamangShree Shitala Higher Secondary School5F
66Bima TamangShree Shitala Higher Secondary School8F

1Abhaya ChaudharyShree Balkumari Basic SchoolM
2Amala LamaDurbar High SchoolF
3Anju NepaliGanodaya English SchoolF
4Anju SharmaRhedon Public SchoolF
5Anupa ShresthaDurbar High SchoolF
6Bikas GurungDurbar High SchoolM
7Hari GautamDurbar High SchoolM
8Mamata BistaShree Shitala Higher Secondary SchoolF
9Milan GhartiShree Balkumari Basic SchoolM
10Mina ChaudariDurbar High SchoolF
11Nani Maya ShresthaDurbar High SchoolF
12Priya SinghShree Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi SchoolF
13Ram Chandra ShresthaDurbar High SchoolM
14Ritesh ChaudharyShree Balkumari Basic SchoolM
15Rupa KhatriAdvanced English Boarding SchoolF
16Salina TamangDurbar High SchoolF
17Sanjana ChaudharyShree Balkumari Basic SchoolF
18Sharda BoharaDurbar High SchoolF
19Srijana DhakalDurbar High SchoolF
20Sumitra RaiPurna Chandi SchoolF
21Suraj DhakalDurbar High SchoolM
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