Sajiya Khatun- Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar, CANSHIP

As they say, fly high and shine like a star. I want to fly high, touch all my highs and also touch the ground smoothly realizing my downs. Noting all my mistakes and looking forward to all my achievements I want to have a smooth journey without any turbulence throughout my journey. Greetings everyone, I […]

My Journey as a Facilitator at Canopy Nepal- Sampada Uprety

To build a successful lever for myself, I have searched for experiences and opportunities all my life. During this search, I involved myself in the Junior Red Cross Circle of my school.  There I got several opportunities to visit various schools around Kathmandu Valley and conduct various activities with the children. While conducting the programs […]

Beyond Borders: Lockdown Learners

Beyond Borders: Lockdown Learners is a series of three days long sessions in collaboration with Canopy Nepal and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The phrase “youth is the future”, no matter how cliche is very much true. It is essential for young learners today to be aware of global, national and current […]

A Discussion About The Role of Men in Promoting Women Leadership

With an intention to aware individuals on the variations between leadership styles and experiences on Men and Women Leaders, Canopy Nepal organized a discussion on ‘Men Supporting Women in Leadership’ in collaboration with Women LEAD Nepal on June 20, 2020.  The session was attended by 30 members from different fields of knowledge and was held […]

A Letter To Everyone Learning Digitally

To Everyone Learning Digitally, We understand times are different and difficult right now. E-learning has taken a toll on us too but let us not forget, there is a brighter side. Remember that wall you always wanted to paint over? Grab those brushes. The plant you always wanted to point at and proudly say, “I […]

My First Impression of Canopy Nepal -Sareesha Shrestha

Hear me out, you’ve probably felt this way before. Or rest assured, dealt with it. A feeling if explained in words is simply ‘baffling’. This can be overlooked by many, and grudgingly I plead guilty to this too. Beneath all the chaos in our life which is inevitable there is a moment of quietness. We […]

The New Student

Once there was a girl named Sofi. She was really nice and good at studies. She had changed her school recently, so she was new to the school environment. There were some girls who always tease and torture others. One day Sofi was walking when she suddenly collided with the main bully. Sofi said sorry […]

Sushant Shahi, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-FESSHIP

Sushant Shahi is the youngest Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar – FESSHIP currently studying in class 10 at Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School. Originally from Mugu, he is very passionate about football and aspires to be a football player in the future. His father and mother got separated due to some problems and both got remarried. The […]

Subham Shrestha, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

I kick the ball with full strength and power. My friend misses the pass, I can feel the frustration and anger building on me. I see that my friend has managed to get the ball again and passes it on back to me. I aim for the goal post, without thinking about anything, I strike […]

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