Beyond Borders: Lockdown Learners – Smriti Silwal

We wake up to the same sky, someday illuminated with a bright sun and someday gloomy full of clouds with shades of rain. We begin our day with the usual ritual. Perhaps with a different cloth or a coffee mug or just a different seat. A little spare time and we sneak out our phone from the pocket and begin scrolling up and down, swiping left and right till hours pass by. We are captivated in this time and space with everything flowing in the same direction and nothing new happening except for the changing color and momentum. Or, at least, I thought so. When we truly open our eyes the sky is no longer the same. Under this same sky, maybe a little far, we could hear the cry of a newborn or mourning of a deceased one. In its lost alley, we could hear screams of silenced voices, wails of unjust and pain behind people wearing a jubilant facade.

Albeit, in this crowded world, there exists an organization called Canopy Nepal with individuals that seek sky of awareness and better educational future for all. Even in this crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, when meeting and interacting appear to be stagnant, Canopy Nepal provided us with the opportunity of socializing and learning via the digital world. Around 12 of us, high school students from Kathmandu World School and Uniglobe College were present digitally to learn about the burning issue of Human Trafficking. We were taught about its various aspects and urgency by Canopy Nepal along with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It’s scary that what we know is only a drop, and what we don’t know is an entire ocean. Up until now, what we knew about the issue was a mere page of its definition. Thus, this two-day program made us aware that we were looking at the world through glasses. There is still a lot to learn, know and share.

Last but not least, I am grateful to Canopy Nepal for bestowing us with this opportunity of learning and developing interactive skills even at times of such pandemic.

Author: Smriti Silwal (Grade 12, Kathmandu World School)

Smriti Silwal is a student studying in Grade 12 at Kathmandu World School. She was a participant for Beyond the Borders: Lockdown Learners.

Beyond the Borders: Lockdown Learners is a two day long session organized by Canopy Nepal in collaboration with United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. We work together with secondary school level students from Nepal to enhance their awareness on issues existing nationally and globally. The students also get an opportunity to foster their critical thinking, empathetic understanding, teamwork, healthy competition, speaking skills and confidence. This edition of Beyond Borders: Lockdown Learners was conducted with the +2 students of Kathmandu World School and Uniglobe College.

Beyond Borders: Lockdown Learners – Smriti Silwal

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