A Letter To Everyone Learning Digitally

To Everyone Learning Digitally,

We understand times are different and difficult right now. E-learning has taken a toll on us too but let us not forget, there is a brighter side.

Remember that wall you always wanted to paint over? Grab those brushes. The plant you always wanted to point at and proudly say, “I grew it”; start digging. Any day is an opportunity to explore and express ourselves through various mediums if you ponder long enough. Allow yourself to bea] an independent learner from learning real-life activities from your family members.

Also, never forget to look at the other side of the coin. While we are having a hard time adjusting to the virtual world, our teachers are the same. Empathize with them and if possible, help them. We are all learning through every step of life and in this step, help and guide your teachers.

Adaptation is challenging but inevitable. As we prepare ourselves for a future full of digitalization, e-learning and virtual reality, patience is key. We indulge in yoga, meditation, sports and books & movies to rejuvenate ourselves. You too, dear reader, take care of yourself and don’t forget to love, care and appreciate yourself and those around you.

With Love,

Beyond Borders Family

A Letter To Everyone Learning Digitally

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