A Discussion About The Role of Men in Promoting Women Leadership

With an intention to aware individuals on the variations between leadership styles and experiences on Men and Women Leaders, Canopy Nepal organized a discussion on ‘Men Supporting Women in Leadership’ in collaboration with Women LEAD Nepal on June 20, 2020.  The session was attended by 30 members from different fields of knowledge and was held among four speakers and emphasized on how men can provide leadership assistance to women in different arenas of life.

This discussion took place with four speakers which included, Mr.Angirash Karki, Program Coordinator of Learner’s Hub at Canopy Nepal; Ms. Monal Bhattarai, Program Assistant of Learner’s Hub at Canopy Nepal; Ms. Suju Tilija Poon, Program Manager at Women Lead Nepal and Mr. Prajesh Rana, Communication Manager at Women Lead Nepal. The session was moderated by Mr. Deekshak Bhattarai, Program Manager of FESSHIP at Canopy Nepal.  

Giving their insights on mapping effective strategies to help women lead in male dominating society Ms. Suju Poon stated that a woman should be provided with a strong platform to prove their quality in leading a mass. If you do not let the women lead you, you do not know their potential, they have the capability to fill anyone’s absence either in the house or in their workplace. Adding to this, Ms. Monal Bhattarai saw a vivid difference between men’s leadership and women’s leadership from her childhood. Mr. Prajesh Rana when working as a journalist initially got a chance to work with female supervisors even if the field was male-dominated. He emphasized on the part that both women and men leaders have pushed him more to do better but it was women leaders who encouraged him the most. A similar observance was made by Mr. Angirash Karki, who added that women’s leadership is better because they lead in a charismatic way whereas male leaders are more commanding. The session ended with a common appeal of men leaders supporting women leaders in all the frontiers of life.

Written By: Diya Barun Shrestha (Canopy Nepal)

Edited By: Mohit Rauniyar and Pransu Khakurel (Canopy Nepal)

*The Full Discussion is also now available at Youtube channel.

A Discussion About The Role of Men in Promoting Women Leadership

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